Showcasing Original, One-of-A-Kind Jewelry.

Showcasing Original, One-of-A-Kind Jewelry.

Showcasing Original, One-of-A-Kind Jewelry.Showcasing Original, One-of-A-Kind Jewelry.Showcasing Original, One-of-A-Kind Jewelry.

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When was the last time someone gave you a compliment on your jewelry? It happens all the time when you’re wearing a true piece of art.

At Charles Osten Jewelry, each piece is a handmade original, guaranteed to be as distinctive and individual as you are. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a gift, each piece is a treasure that sets you apart from the crowd.

About Me


From my earliest childhood I have always had a desire to create. For many years my creative outlet was in the form of watercolors and oils.

This outlet now is jewelry. I make pieces that appeal to those who are interested in owning something that no one else has, jewelry that does not appear to be commercially manufactured. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind original.

I am most influenced by nature, the shapes and textures found there, the roughness of bark on a tree or the pronounced veins of an interesting leaf, or the intricate patterns found in ocean coral fragments washed up on a beach. I also have an interest in gemstones and use them in much of my work. 

Regardless of how involved the piece of jewelry might be, it almost always begins with preliminary sketches, a shape, or multiple shapes which are then combined. Textures are often part of the shapes and are included to enhance and accentuate other the components. I use primarily fine silver because of its beauty, enduring value, and flexibility in allowing me to bring my artistic interpretation of nature to life.






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